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Carolyn Brejwo

Board Member

I was raised in West Virginia and am a graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA with a B.A. in history, an M.A. from West Virginia University in Social Studies Education, and an Ed.D. from West Virginia University in Curriculum and Instruction. My husband, Jeff, brought our family to Wisconsin in 2016 when he accepted a position at Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee. With our four daughters, we made the transition to Oshkosh in 2020.

My history in the field of education includes teaching at a Christian school, teaching in higher education, working with pre-service teachers in school settings, and working with the Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education at West Virginia University. I also homeschool our children as watching children learn is my area of interest and expertise. I find it fascinating and fun.

I am a member of Resurrection Presbyterian Church where I teach Sunday school and am a pianist for worship services.

Serving on the board is a great honor and answered prayer. As we moved to Oshkosh, I began to pray that God would open a way for me to use my background and interest to serve Him and my community. The opportunity to participate on the board was presented to me and answered these prayers. I am grateful to God for opening this area of service to me and with His blessing, I will participate fully to encourage academic rigor and Christian faithfulness in the students and staff of Valley Christian School. Email

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