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7th Grade Volleyball Coach

Job Description

Our growing programs need head and assistant coaches. If you are interested in coaching a middle or high school sport, please contact Athletics Director, Dan Clayton for upcoming coaching needs at

Position Overview:

The Head Coach of a particular sport with the co-curricular program of Valley Christian School (VCS) is appointed by the Athletic Director with approval from the Principal or Head of School. The Head Coach is directly responsible to the Athletic Director and Principal to carry out the responsibilities that accompany the position.  The task of the head coach is to provide Christ-centered leadership to student-athletes, instruct and train them in the skills and rules of the sport, to help them individually and collectively, and provide them with biblically-centered perspectives on sports and team.

Position Classification:

  • Part time, non-exempt, seasonal

Position Requirements:

  • Committed Christian, with an understanding and support of the VCS mission and vision of the school

  • Knowledge of their individual sport, and the ability to integrate those ideas into practice and game situations

  • Ability to develop and articulate a Christ-centered vision of athletics and how it applies to all areas of their lives

Character Description:

  • Born-again Christian

  • Models a Christian lifestyle

  • Person of integrity

  • Loyal and maintains confidence

Position General Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Provide leadership to the program for their specific sport, following the philosophy of the VCS athletic department. This includes closely following all guidelines as dictated by the WIAA office (HS only), including out-of-season contact rules.

  • Establish a code of behavior and dress for all athletes and other assistant coaches of the same sport.

  • Enforce dress code in conjunction with the athletic handbook.

  • Take charge of uniform and equipment handout and then communicate the results with the athletic director

  • Have a roster with names, grades, and numbers to the athletic director before the first game.

  • Taking all WIAA tests, and attending all meetings required of their sport.

  • Look to grow professionally in their position.

  • Working in conjunction with the athletic director making sure all athletes have the proper paperwork turned in before participating in a practice.

  • Approve any fundraiser with the athletic director, and collect all monies and apparel associated with the fundraiser. Make sure all money goes through the business office at VCS.

  • Attend all practices and arrive at least 10 minutes before practice.  Have a well-prepared plan for practice each and every day. Prepare for an approved coach to take over and run practice in your absence.

  • Wait for all athletes to leave before you exit the building.  Make sure all equipment has been put back and all doors locked if need be.

  • Notify any news media immediately after a contest has been completed.  Make them aware of any statistics they need (HS only).

  • Make sure all students are accounted for to and from away games.

  • Maintain statistics throughout the season for the historical purposes of VCS.  Keep all school records up to date.

  • Assist any feeder programs (MS, JV2, JV) in any way that is necessary.

  • Identify and honor athletes for various awards, ordering awards through the athletic director

  • Setting up awards banquet through the athletic director and in charge of set-up and tear down if necessary.

  • Keep locker rooms, weight room, storage rooms neat and clean.

  • Check the condition of all jerseys and make recommendations to the athletic director when equipment is needed.

  • Set a deadline as to when jerseys need to be returned and communicate that with the athletic director.

  • Create opportunities to promote their program to the student body

  • Meet with the AD to determine contact days throughout the summer (end of school year to July 31)

  • Be involved in Athletic Booster Club activities if deemed necessary by the athletic director.

Other position appropriate duties as deemed necessary by the Assistant Principal or Athletic Director.

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