Type of Job

Full Time, PreK-8


Valley Christian School seeks a full -time Principal for PreK-8 beginning in the 2022-2023 school year. 


Position Requirements:

  • ACSI Administrators certification required.

  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college

  • Hold a Masters in School Administration

  • Experience working with children

  • Demonstrates effective communication skills with parents, children, and staff

  • Motivated self-starter

Character Description:

  • Born-again Christian

  • Models a Christian lifestyle

  • Team player

  • Teachability

  • Person of integrity

  • Loyal and maintains confidence


Administrative Duties

  • Provide vision, leadership, and oversight of all PreK-8 programs and personnel

  • Provide vision, leadership, and oversight of programs and initiatives that assist in spiritual formation and maturity.

  • Effectively utilize PreK-8 personnel through appropriate assignments to specific activities, positions, grades, and/or subjects.

  • Supervise and evaluate all PreK-8 personnel and make annual employment
    recommendations to the Head Principal.

  • Assist in the recruiting of quality faculty and staff.

  • Assist in the preparation of the PreK-8 school calendar.

  • Prepare academic schedules for all PreK-12 personnel and students.

  • Assist in the admissions process for all new students.

  • Create an educational environment that facilitates student learning.

  • Regulate and enforce the conduct and discipline policies of the school.

  • Oversee and ensure the accuracy of student records and transcripts.

  • Schedule and conduct PreK-8 personnel and team meetings

  • Participate in school-wide programs (i.e. Open Houses, Orientations, Special Chapels, Graduations, etc.) and other special programs as appropriate.

  • Oversee the campus lunch program and personnel.

  • Oversee the campus Before/After Care program and personnel.

  • Coordinate with the janitorial staff.


  1. Spiritually, a qualified candidate shall possess characteristics that reflect the following;

  • unreserved acceptance of the school’s Statement of Faith

  • a strong, clear Christian testimony

  • a mature, Godly spirit

  • a person of faith and prayer

  • a broad acceptance of and by the Christian community

  • strong knowledge and understanding of Scripture

  • active involvement in the local church

  • a servant leader

  1. Professionally, a qualified candidate shall be characterized by the following;

  • ability to articulate a Christian philosophy of education consistent with Scripture

  • broad experience as a Christian school administrator

  • demonstration of executive and management skills and presence

  • effectiveness in oral and written communication

  • deep understanding and empathy for why Christian schools exist

  • commitment to gender and racial diversity at all levels in the workplace

  • evidence of being a team player who is responsive to the school leadership and the school staff

  • keep abreast of the major current trends in education in general, and in Christian education in particular.

  • engagement in continuing education and professional development

  • credentials that are appropriate for leading the school and its faculty/staff in its educational mission

  1. Personally, a qualified candidate’s life shall reflect the following;

  • a person of integrity in business, finance, and human resources through the equitable treatment of others

  • a life consistent with Biblical principles

  • a model of God’s ideal for the family

  • the gift of listening and responding appropriately to the counsel of others

  • a commitment to Christian schooling as evidenced by having his/her K-12 school-age children enrolled at VCS when educationally feasible

Other position appropriate duties as deemed necessary by the Head Principal or Head of School.