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Tom Appell

Board Member

Tom is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and has a B.S. Civil Engineering. He is a retired Sr. Project Manager, Boldt Construction, Appleton, WI. Tom and his wife Joy have two daughters, Mandi and Megan, both VCS alumni.

"Joy and I have had the opportunity to serve at VCS, Joy previously as a part-time choir director, and I previously served on the Board. We have a great appreciation for Christian education and the opportunities VCS provides to Oshkosh and surrounding communities. Having been a part of VCS over several decades, I hope to bring a fair perspective of where we have been and where God may lead us. I’ve had a desire that there would always be a quality, Christ-centered K-12 education available in our community, and VCS has continually provided this. My past experiences have shown me that it is not easy to provide and maintain a quality Christian school but with God’s help, our obedience, and many good people working together, His opportunities are endless. I hope my past experiences of serving at VCS, appreciation of the education our daughters received, enjoyment of friendships we’ve made through the years and also being a part of constructing buildings throughout my career can provide a breadth of experience to support VCS’s Christ-centered mission and quality facilities to further God’s work."

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