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Educational Assistant

Job Description

Positions available at both Neenah and Oshkosh campuses. Most EA positions are 30-35 hours per week, 10 months per year. Immediate and 2024-2025 openings.

Position Reports to:   Assisted Learning Director, Classroom lead teacher

Position Classification:

  • Part-time, at-will, non-exempt, school year, hourly

Position Requirements:

  • Minimum high school diploma; college preferred

  • Ability to follow the teacher’s instructions

  • A self-starter mindset that looks for ways to help

  • Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to work positively with the teacher and students

  • A strong skill-set working with students

Character Description:

  • Born-again Christian

  • Models a Christian lifestyle

  • Person of integrity

  • Loyal and maintains confidence

Position Overview:

Educational Assistants work with the teacher to accomplish classroom objectives and provide overall support to the school program.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Supervise instructional activities to help students understand lessons

  • Work with small groups of students or with one student at a time

  • Help teachers with clerical tasks like taking attendance or recording grades

  • Confer with teachers on student performance

  • Oversee students outside of the classroom during field trips and related activities

  • Work with students who need additional instruction

  • Prepare materials and equipment for activities

  • Discuss students' progress with their teacher

  • Provide oversight of students during activities such as recess or lunch

Other position appropriate duties as deemed necessary by the Principal or Head of School.

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