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Lauren Derenne

Fifth Grade Teacher


Lauren Derenne joined the VCS team in 2023. She loves having the opportunity to guide students to explore their God-given talents and interests, helping students learn how to live life in light of eternity and learn through the lens of the Gospel. Mrs. Derenne is passionate about building relationships with people as well as living an active lifestyle, running, exercise, sports, and spending time outside!

“My goal is to empower my students to understand how God created them, how they learn best. I want to create an environment where students feel comfortable and safe to ask and explore their BIG questions and curiosities!”

Mrs. Derenne has a background in special education, and taught Special Education for two years prior to working at VCS! “My classroom is hands on and we work together to learn through the lens of God’s word. There are a lot of opportunities in my classroom for students to share their thinking and learning, so that students can learn from one another!”

"I have been influenced to become who I am by my parents, who taught me the importance of loving others, caring for others, and building relationships. My husband, Jacob, continues to encourage me to live like Jesus does!”

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