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Maureen Heet

Educational Assistant

Mrs. Heet has been serving around VCS since 2019 as a middle school volleyball coach, classroom volunteer, and member of our Parent Service Organization. She became employed at VCS in 2024 as an educational assistant for 2nd grade.

“I love being in an environment that gives me the ability and freedom to pour into students with the Gospel, prayer and letting each one know how desperately they are loved, both by us and by God. As an aide, I have the unique position and ability to be able to observe the students in the room and pay attention to what helps or hinders them and adjust how I communicate with them accordingly. It allows me the ability to create trust with the students that they would be able to come to me with prayer or praise.”

Maureen loves meeting students and their families and formulating relationships. “I love watching students make friends and find delight in this space. I am passionate about Jesus. I am passionate about being a parent and raising my children to KNOW God - to know in their ‘knower’ that they KNOW.”

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